February 23, 2011

Humanities 2.0: Collaborative Research and Copyright Challenges

The next session of Decoding Digital Humanities-Lisboa will be this Thursday, the 3rd of March. The meeting will take place at 18.00, at the I&D building of the FCSH, 1st floor (lounge).
The topic up for discussion is "Humanities 2.0: collaborative research and copyright challenges". We will talk about how the extended use of new technologies has affected the way we embark on scholarly activities today, namely how we engage in collaborative research. Is it possible to be isolated when so much of our work nowadays means engaging with the Web 2.0?
We will also discuss
the implications
of collaborative knowledge production for copyright. Collaborative work implies not only shared authorship; it also gives rise to a complex definition of individual contributions and, accordingly, to an unclear assignment of copyright ownership. Furthermore, how can we conciliate extant copyright concepts, ideas of authorship and open access to information?
Certainly the scholarly community has already reflected on these issues and we will discuss two texts - appropriately both published in blogs: Dan Cohen's 'Idealism and pragmatism in the free culture movement' and T. Mills Kelly's 'Making Digital Scholarship Count'.